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Beautiful Foggy & Bright San Francisco Wedding

Shayna & Mike | The Olympic Club, San Francisco

These two met the old fashioned way... on-line, but I had met the bride years ago and was so completely honored that when the time came to walk down the aisle, she remembered me, and our musings of our dream weddings years ago.

The three of us got together over dinner and caught up about what had transpired over the years, how they met, and what they wanted their wedding to be like for their guests. They had already selected the perfect venue - The Olympic Club, San Francisco - when we sat down to discuss the floral details, but other than that, things were a little "dis-joint" in their visions for decor. Mike wanted to a clean, modern, and elegant event that spoke to their refined and modern life together. He wanted something classic, and chic, something that would remain timeless. Shayna wanted an elegant evening too, but her vision was more organic, romantic, and a little bit more, well fun... She didn't want it to feel too stuffy, and she definitely wanted everything to be just beautiful.

I enjoyed hearing about their vision for the spaces, as well as unpacking some options for designs for their ceremony. I was able to create a "greenhouse-like" effect in the beautiful solarium area of the space, and their wedding was just a stunning sun-drenched affair, that was 100% inside. It was everything.

Shayna & Mike really allowed us to become a collaborator in their design, we helped with linens, and really pushed for those gorgeous ghost chairs for ceremony! I love how everything came together, and most importantly so did they.

Photographer | Christy McCarter

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