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Kira & Eunice | The Gardens at Heather Farms

We have a love story of our own with this couple which starts with me unloading buckets of flowers out of my car and into my tiny second story apartment (where we were living/working at the time) early one morning. Eunice - my new next door neighbor- approached me and asked if I was a florist, and if I would be able to handle a small arrangement from time to time for her then girlfriend Kira, when she was away travelling for business. I of course obliged and so I started playing the floral role in their courtship.

It wasn't long until the two of them stopped my then fiance and I on the sidewalk to announce that they too were tying the knot and now wanted me to do their wedding! I was so happy and excited to play such an important role in their big day as I had loved watching their love grow and felt so attached to their story.

For their wedding at The Gardens at Heather Farms in Walnut Creek, we created a very simple and rustic vintage vibe to accent and enhance the natural beauty of the grounds and reception space. Garden Roses, Dahlias, Wax Flower, Craspedia, Nigella Pods, vibrant green ferns, and Hanging Amaranth completed the floral palette and set the tone for a relaxed and fun vibe for the couple and their guests.


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