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We provide nature-guided seasonal designs that feature locally sourced materials for a unique “of this time and place” feeling to enhance your wedding. Our couples celebrate and value the beauty of nature, the environment, experiences over things, and delight in sharing their passions with the people they love most.
We offer full service wedding floral services for budgets $6500 and above, and build your own A-La-Carte wedding floral services in our wedding shop here: Wedding Shop




I'm so happy you've found us! As the creative director of Sweetness & Light Floral Design, I have collaborated on some of the most beautiful, romantic, & most importantly - FUN! - weddings & events over the last decade. 

I can't wait to hear more about what you have planned so far and how we can help make your wedding one you & your guests will continue to muse about for years to come. 


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