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Our Process

We want to Know You

Inspired design stems from inspiring stories.

The art to creating a stunning and beautifully unique floral designs starts with getting to know you a little better. Getting to learn how you met, what quirky things drew you to one another, and the themes that started swirling around your relationship from the beginning all inform our picture of your perfect wedding design.


Each wedding and event has love at it’s core, but that doesn’t mean that they all look or feel the same. It could be boisterous happy love, classic refined love, wanderlust gypsy love, or – insert your specific love type here – and it’s our jobs as artists to work with you to capture and florally express that love. This essential quality, unpacked in our consultation, will help us access a uniquely you event that you & your guests will muse about for years to come.

We dive in deep because learning about you, informs our creation of a floral proposal that enhances and elevates all of the elements of a wedding or event that is distinctively you.  

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