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Unlocking The Creative Visionary Within

September 24th, 2021

  • 485 US dollars
  • Tanja Kopper Studio's - Benicia Arsenal

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Sweetness & Light, Meilene Photography, and Tanja Kopper Photography are collaborating on three immersive, floral forward, interior photoshoot sets to help fellow innovative photographers break out of their own creative shells and experience & learn something new. It's an amazing way to stretch beyond what your clients have in mind, and instead explore what sets your heart alight. Creativity is a seed planted in our souls. What we see produced and pushed into our commercial and social spheres can often hamper our growth as artists. By falling into the comparison traps, we stifle our unique visions in order to check a box - whether for our clients or for ourselves. Our offering and hope is that these sets, along with expert instruction from two truly talented artists will encourage your own burst of inspiration & you will leave with more knowledge of not only your own creative seed, but also brush up on some tips with posing & lighting by two experts in their prime! Why this is not a "Shoot Out" - You have your own private time to shoot so you won't be competing for light, angle, time, or a perfect shot. You also won't be influenced into shooting anything in particular, or in any particular way. It's your time to use as you wish (90 whole minutes of it!) - You have access to our models, but can also bring your own (limit 1) if you are more inspired by someone you already know. - You get full reign in the floral sets, use one or use them all! Each set is cultivated with your muse being the focus, whether through movement, a portrait backdrop, or an over the top floral "dress" for an editorial vibe there is something for any "missing piece" of your portfolio. - You receive two-on-one instruction. Meaning our two pro's are available for tips & tricks while you shoot. They can help as much or as little as you like. They can also help with real time critique that is just for you & is meant to help guide your creative growth. -Creating with Connection- Learn how Mae captures candid, real life emotions by connecting with your clients in a fun, engaging and authentic way. Seeing beauty in a simple way, and making it magical through prompting and movement.

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