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    Oakland Artist Jenn Lauren Lee has tiptoed her way into my heart with her beautiful snapshots of nature. Her work is one part whimsical and delicate, and one part rebel with her medium's ability to take the ephemeral beautiful of seasonal blooms and freeze them in time. 


    We commissioned her to create these petite pieces for our shop - before she was really making them for anyone other than herself! - and we've had past brides reach out to have her capture their bouquets in this beautiful and modern way. 


    These blooms come straight from our vases, and go through a time intense process of drying and extracting all of the moisture from the bloom. If this isn't done properly, they'll continue to decay in the resin... and no-one wants to see that captured in time! Jenn's attention to design detail is inspiring, a true lesson in patience and process. 


    The large pieces are about 4.5" across, the smaller ones are about 3" across. We love them purchased as a set, but they are beautiful all on their own, and look fantastic on a shelf or desk, where you can see a bit of light gleam through. 


    2 Sizes available - put your design request in the notes and we'll do our best to accomodate!


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