Mother's Day Traditional Luxe

Mother's Day Traditional Luxe


This gorgeous arrangement is chock full of only the most beautiful garden roses, luscious ranunculus, decadant peonies, charming carnations, and elegant anemones in a boldly exuberant coral pink you just can't help but be giddy at. The vase is a beautiful chinoiserie blue & white or green & white (please note in comments if you have a strong preference!)


We took a instagram poll... and well, our demographic (mom's with excellent taste) was into this. 


Limited 12 of these beautiful bowlfuls. 


Each container comes with a matching lid, so when the vase is not in use - which it should never not be in use... hint hint hint- you can keep it covered and on a shelf so it doesn't get dusty... also a nice perk for a busy mom who doesn't have time to dust stuff, but is classy.