Card | Lovely Mummy

Card | Lovely Mummy


We have a thing for simple beautiful things, and these cards, are 100% that. The sweet figures capture moments, sentiments, and feelings, and strip them down into sweet illustrations - that just tug on our hearts. Peruse this beautiful collection, and add one to a sweet floral arrangement from the shop!


Marie Pertriaux, designer of My Lovely Thing is based on La Rochelle, in France. As a youngster, Marie was often told to get her head out of the clouds and even now that she is in her thirties, Marie is still a dreamer! She expresses her dreamy vision of the world with her delicate and poetic designs. She draws inspiration from daily life and nature that surrounds her to conceive of and create her illustrations. Her poetic and sweet universe is recognizable by the finesse and femininity of her brush strokes, combined with delicate touches of watercolour.

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