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Fall Wreath workshop

November 24th, 2019

The florist wearing blue blouse is makin

I'm so excited to spend a cozy afternoon with you teaching you how to curate a beautiful fall wreath chock full of seasonal, local, and dry goodies.  

We have two types of wreaths to choose from, a more modern base on a gold metal frame or an organic bases (see image above) for that classic fall feel. 

We'll keep the class size small (max 15) so you get hands on attention, direction and critique. We'll focus on design principals of scale and proportion as well as over-all composition for optimum visual enjoyment, along with floral care basics. 

You'll get:

1 Pair of awesome clippers ($20 value) 

1 Wreath form of your choice - Modern Gold Wire or Rustic Vines

Ample local floral materials to play with & take home with you in your completed design

Photos of you doing your thing for your instagram... cause you know you need those! 

We'll be working in the studio space of Party Crush Studios in Benicia, Ca  which is a beautiful light filled and airy space that works in so many ways as a blank canvas for infinite possibilities. Get ready to feel creative!



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